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20 Reasons Why We Love BTS

By Sua Kim March 13, 2019 0 comments

Whether you’ve heard a lot about the South Korean boy band BTS (Bangtan Sonyeondan or Bangtan Boys) or not, they’re quickly becoming a musical sensation in various countries and places.

BTS Bangtan Boys Merch

This boy group, on the other hand, consists of seven members namely Jungkook, V, Jimin, RM, J-Hope, Suga, and Jin. For the last couple of years, their K-pop music tracks are very crowd-pleasing. And as a matter of fact, BTS has been able to rise to the US charts like the Billboard 200.

However, if you’re wondering why lots of people love BTS then you have visited the right place. In today’s post, we have compiled 20 of the many reasons why we love BTS. So if you want to know more then read this article until the end.

Why We Love BTS?

1. They are producing almost all of their own songs

    With regards to composing songs, this band isn’t leaving the task to other people. Actually, all of them have a writing credit in the band’s discography. 

    Suga and Rap Monster are the most popular in the band, while the majority of the tracks are co-written by the whole group. Further, BTS also collaborated with some producers including Slow Rabbit and Pdogg.

    Nevertheless, being close to the song has permitted them to uphold their diverse hip-hop imparted dance style which has made them well-known.

    2. They Give Rice to Charity

      Last 2015, BTS gave 7 tons of rice for a charity event at the opening ceremonies of the K-Star Road held in Apgujeong-dong.

      Apart from that, they have been involved in some charitable events and the most remarkable is the group’s Love myself campaign. In fact, they did this in partnership with UNICEF in order to protect young victims of sexual assault and violence. In simple words, they are humanitarians.

      3. BTS creates music that’s essential to the younger peer group

        During the stage of puberty, young individuals go over a lot of things which might leave them distressed. 

        Luckily, BTS does not only sing roughly the girl next door but, the band target significant teen problems as well. Through their music, they’ve explored societal ideas, mental health problems, nonconformity, bullying, and even female empowerment. 

        Though these are a bit heavy messages than you typically perceived in the K-pop field, it is was rendered BTS so famous among their fans.

        4. BTS Makes themselves reachable to fans

          Some singers, as well as bands, only do so much for their supporters when it comes to accessibility. However, BTS goes extra miles all the time.  Actually, this band frequently tour outside of Asia. Not only that they enjoy and love meeting their supporters on a worldwide scale. 

          BTS, on the other hand, like to live stream individually and as a team. What’s more, they are updating their Twitter on a regular basis.

          20 Reasons Why We Love BTS

          5. They Have A Fierce Fanbase

            The transparency of every member with their followers has allowed BTS to make a big fan base not just for their songs, but also for their individual traits.

            Their fans, on the other hand, has also supported them to reach major hits most especially on YouTube with some of their videos garnering around 30 million views.

            6. BTS does something funny almost all the time

              When it comes to the sense of humor, this boy band will not disappoint you. As a matter of fact, they love teasing one other especially Jimin for his small height.

              7. They are handsome

                There is no doubt, this is one of the common reason why we and other love BTS. BTS members are handsome in their own way. Thus, some of their female fans fall in love with them over and over again.

                8. They care for each other

                  BTS members aren’t only handsome, but they are caring too. When someone else’s has a problem they are helping one another. Actually, V revealed that Jimin is the person BTS members talk whenever they are feeling down and have issues.

                  20 Reasons Why We Love BTS

                  9. BTS is respectful

                    All the members of this group are mindful when it comes to their behavior and more importantly, they are respectful. Actually, they respect other people and artists.

                    10. They are inspirational

                      BTS is a true inspiration to everybody. Because of that, they are mentioned in the Top 25 most influential people all over the world. 

                      11. BTS members are humble

                        Apart from being respectful, they are also humble. Even though they are very famous, they don’t forget how they get started. Plus, they know how to thank their fans which leads to the twelfth reason why we love BTS. 

                        12. BTS loves their fans

                          Aforementioned, BTS fans are called ARMY. Nevertheless, BTS always make sure that their fans know how grateful they are and how much love them. Actually, when they redesigned their logo, BTS also made one for their fans.

                          13. They are hardworking

                            The team will not reach its success if they are not working hard. Did you know that they practice for seven hours a day for one month especially, if they are performing hard dances? Honestly, BTS works hard and during their free or leisure time, usually, they work on their songs.

                            20 Reasons Why We Love BTS

                            14. BTS speaks up for what they believe in

                              BTS isn’t scared to tell the whole world what they really feel no matter what the subject is. Further, they also advise their supporters to study harder rather than focusing. And this is another reason why we love BTS.

                              15. They’re always developing

                                If you compare their previous videos and songs to newer ones, for sure you’ll notice how much they have grown. All of them have individually grown as people and as artists since their debit as well as they have matured together as one family.

                                16. BTS is a talented band

                                  The vocalists and rappers in this band are great at what they do. Actually, they are all total performers. They always do their best to offer fantastic performances and create great music.

                                  17. They love what they are doing

                                    Every time you listen to their music or watch their videos it is very obvious that they really love what they are doing. Because if they don’t, perhaps, they’re not enjoying their triumph right now.

                                    20 Reasons Why We Love BTS

                                    18. All their lyrics are lovely

                                      If you’re a huge fan of this group for sure you will agree that their songs and lyrics are inspiring and very meaningful.

                                      19. They are lovable and cute dorks

                                        Though they look handsome, BTS members have also dorky as well as a lovable side that everybody will surely like.

                                        20. They encourage their fans not to give up

                                          Even though they are having a hard time, BTS doesn’t forget to encourage their fans not to give up because they are strong enough to handle any problem that will come to pass throughout their journey.

                                          20 Reasons Why We Love BTS

                                          There you have it the 20 reasons why we love BTS. Hopefully, you had a great time reading this content.

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