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This Bangtan Boys group well known as BTS (Beyond the Scene) is conquering the stage with their incredible performances. Besides their fashion style, good looks and dance moves, there are many reasons to love BTS much more. 

20 Facts About BTS You Didn't Know

Here are some facts that we need to know about BTS

1. Did you know that BTS group wrote some of their own songs?

    • They’re not just a total performer they are also songwriters. Rap Monster composed over 200 songs and his first debut as a music composer is Young Forever that becomes one of the famous hit of BTS and part of their album The Most Beautiful Moment in Life that won Album of the Year in 2016 at Melon Music Awards. Suga also wrote a song like Jump and Tomorrow. This group really proves their passion for music and that’s why fans love them.

2. BTS fans called A.R.M.Y is the acronym for Adorable Representative M.C for Youth.

    • This word is created as what ARMY really means. In Military, ARMY is an English word that corresponds to a military soldier and Bangtan word in some translation is known as body armor. By this, it represents the strong relationship of the fans with the BTS and their ARMY become the strength as a soldier for the BTS members.

3. Besides being famous today in K-Pop industry this handsome boys forever be an avid fan of some famous stars in the music industry.

    • Let's talk about V, besides his looks this 22 years old boy is a total The Beatles Fan. Did you know that he even composed a song titled Hold Me Tight with the same title of one of The Beatles hit? This proves his love for The Beatles. We also have Suga, which is a fan of Beyonce his western female idol. Jimin is a fanboy of the Bigbang member Taeyang and Chris Brown.

4. We will never disagree that this K-Pop boy group has a big heart.

    • In 2017, BTS members and BIG Entertainment reported that donates $85,000 to the 4/16 Sewol Families for Truth and A Safer Society. Also in a later year, BTS launched a Love Myself Campaign with partners to the UNICEF donated $448,000, this is to support and protect child and teens victims of sexual violence around the world.

20 Facts About BTS You Didn't Know

5. BTS is well known to their dance moves and music, little did we know that this group has different other talents that they can share.

    • Besides singing and dancing, Jin is also can play piano and guitar and he even loves to cook and Jungkook is a Taekwondo black belter.

6. This BTS not just famous in the music industry but even a part of some famous Korean drama.

    • V got one of the lead roles, a Young Warrior as Han Sung in a K-drama titled Hwarang. This group also part of some k-drama and wattpad films.

7. BTS is one of the most profitable groups in Korean.

    • They're not just releasing song hit and organized a world tour, this group is a certified endorser. In 2018, BTS becomes the global brand ambassador of PUMA, LG Electronics and Hyundai Motors, they also work with of KB Kookmin Bank in South Korea as spokespersons and Coca-Cola’s new campaign models. This group continues its success to be known in the commercial industry.

8. Talented and Smart. BTS member can speak in Korean, English and Japanese dialect.

    • They also produce a studio album in the Japanese language. In one of the article, they reveal that RM got the highest score of 900 and an IQ of 149 in a Korean Entrance Exam and he also studied Engineering in New Zealand before his debut. Also, all of the members are graduated in their respective courses related to Performing Arts.

9. Hard Working And Unmatched Determination.

    • One of the interviews of BTS members they revealed their hard work and determination as they undergo practices in almost 10 times a day to perfect their routine. Practice really makes perfect.

20 Facts About BTS You Didn't Know

10. Their hard work pays off.

    • Besides of group awards that they received, this K-Pop boy group received uncounted individual recognition. And being recognized around the world not just their music also their looks, Jungkook in 2nd place and V in 5th place in 2018 Most Handsome Faces by Malaysian Report.

11. Songs On Korean Drama Series.

      • Did you know that more than 10 songs of BTS have become a soundtrack of some Korean Dramas? The song Even if I Die Its You is one of official soundtrack of the K-Drama series Hwarang, the Boy in Luv a soundtrack of the famous K-Drama Series Goblin, and many more.

    12. They love pets.

      • Beside of love of music, BTS adores dog as their stress reliever. Jin’s dog name is Jjanggu, Suga’s dog name is Holly, RMs dog name is Monie, J-Hope’s dog name is Mickey, Jimin’s dog name is Ddosum, Jungkook’s dog name is Cloudie, and newest member of the family V’s dog name is Soonshim.

    13. Their favorite letter is Jungkook:

      • I and U, V: D and A, Jin: M and T, RM: J and K, Suga: H and W, and J-Hope: S and L.

    14. Facts about BTS Leader RM (Rap Monster), real name is Kim Nam-Joon.

      • RM loves to read a book which he admitted that it is better than watching movies, he also loves oversize pants and clothes, and have a super sensitive feeling.

    20 Facts About BTS You Didn't Know

    15. Facts about BTS member and one of the main rapper in the group Suga, his real name is Min Yoon-Gi.

      • He chooses Suga as his name because of his sweet pretty face. He really likes playing basketball and any kind of sport. He can write a song anywhere, in a car or even in the toilet and he is active doing songwriting in midnight until 6 in the morning.

    16. Facts about the rapper and sweetheart member of BTS, J-Hope which has a real name of Jung Ho-Seok.

      • J-Hope loves dancing and one of the famous member of street dancers in his hometown and won the 3rd place in a National tennis Competition back then. He can speak the Chinese language also.

    17. Facts about Lead Vocal of BTS member, Park Ji-Min was better known as Jimin.

      • He loves mint scented perfume. He loves practicing and get upset when he can't perfect his routine. He really hates horror or scary things and losing.

    18. Facts about Jungkook his real name is Jeon Jung-Kook and the youngest member of the group.

      • His future dream is to be a restaurant owner or a tattoo artist. His ideal girl is Emma Watson and he loves kissing the camera when he sees one.

    19. Facts about Kim Seok-Jin or known as Jin. This oldest member of the group is a licensed driver.

      • Acting is his first love and dreamed to be an actor someday. His handsome looks, attract many girls which he received lots of chocolate and roses on Valentine’s day in his high school and college life.

    20 Facts About BTS You Didn't Know

    20. Last but not the list the handsome V was also known as Kim Tae-Hyung.

      • Besides of having a dog V also has a cat named Kkanji. V has a habit of making his lips in a heart shape and he also talks and screams while sleeping. He auditions to be a part of BTS as a rapper.

    This 20 fact prove that BTS deserves more love from the ARMY Fans.

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